How To Add Meta Tags for SEO To Your WordPress Website

how to add seo meta tags to a wordpress website

You can find the video with this link! Getting Search Engines to show your WordPress Website among the top results of any related search is not an easy task, but there are simple things you can do to help your posts or blog get noticed. One of these is adding Meta Tags to your WordPress […]

How To Add A Blog To Your WordPress Website

how to add a blog to your wordpress website

You can also find the video with this link! There are many ways to keep your WordPress website’s audience engaged with the content you create. The most popular and functional of all of them is creating and maintaining a blog that expands on topics that are useful for your audience. But, before you start sharing […]

How To Add Video To A WordPress Website

Find the video with this link.  Why It’s Important To Add Video To A WordPress Website   We all know the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, a video supporting the content you wrote for your post might as well be worth much more. If you had a great idea for a […]

How to Create a WordPress Website with Dreamhost

So you want to learn how to create a WordPress website with DreamHost?  You’re in the right spot! First Things First I currently use DreamHost for my website hosting and WordPress as my content management system (CMS). I have a few domains and clients on Bluehost, so I recommend them as well. I haven’t created […]

Your 2020 SEO Plan For…How Do I Rank On Google?

How Do I Get Ranked on Google in 2020?

Yes, You Really Can Get Google Ranked as a SEO rookie! You’ve got your website up and running, and now you’re wondering how to increase traffic to drive your business. What’s one of the best ways to do this? To get ranked on Google, of course. Google is the world’s largest search engine with billions […]

TCE 006(MM): What To Consider When Choosing a Website Domain

Thinking about getting your website up and running, but having a hard time figuring out what to name your website? Don’t worry, I got you covered in this episode as I give you the tips and tactics to go about choosing the right domain for you business or brand.